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Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections & Removal Service Toronto

Mold can pose a serious hazard to you property and health, because all types of mold are potentially dangerous. Some types of mold contamination can even lead to death!
Mold contamination is a common problem in wet and water damaged buildings, because all mold needs to grow is moisture. Basements of many buildings are perfect

environment for mold and mildew because of humidity and poor circulation. So, if you're experiencing a high humidity problem, your building probably has mold. Specific smell and visible mold growth are signs that your basement is infected with mold. Do you know that mold can also be present in the air, inside walls and in difficult to reach places? That's why Doctor Rooter Inc. is pleased to offer professional mold removal services timely and responsibly.

Doctor Rooter Inc. is a reliable mold removal company, providing second to none mold removal services for commercial and residential clients in Toronto and GTA. Our professional crew uses the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to remove mold out of your house.
For the best mold inspection and removal services in Toronto, Doctor Rooter Inc. is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your mold removal process.


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