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Basement Waterproofing (External & Internal) Services

We provide homeowners with a full line of products and services connected to basement waterproofing, including drainage systems, sump pumps, External waterproofing, Foundation crack repair, Window wells repair and installation, Foundation parging, Weeping tile installation, Weeping tile inspection, Mold removal, waterproofing, waterproofing contractors, foundation waterproofing, basement waterproofing and many options for your discharge line.

In the past most cellars were used just for storage or were wasted space. Many buildings contain uninhabitable, mouldy and damp basement walls with no waterproofing protection. Cellar walls, which typically form the foundation of the building, are generally sited underground, beneath the waterproof membrane layer that serves as the buildings damp proof course. Accordingly the wall is constantly subject to conditions favorable to penetrating dampness and water ingress via capillarity and/or hydrostatic pressure.

Modern waterproofing methods mean these can be converted to bedrooms, kitchens, study's and games rooms. We've helped many customers add more usable space, by waterproofing these areas, with superb results. Dingy, damp and dark cellars are effectively transformed using the latest proven waterproofing systems.

In order to waterproof underground structures and convert them into habitable and functional basement accommodation it is necessary to provide a fully sealed basement waterproofing or tanking system to ensure the moisture in the walls and floors is not permitted to migrate to the internal wall surfaces.
Waterproofing cellars requires skill and diligence, from all involved. Let's face it; if water gets into a completed basement, it's a disaster. So it's important to get the method specified properly and that's where our skilled and properly qualified surveyors come in.

Our staff has years of training and experience, using different methods and often a combination of these. When it comes to basement waterproofing in GTA, contact Dr Rooter  and enjoy our high quality services!

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