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Foundation Crack Repair Services

We provide homeowners with a full line of products and services connected to foundation repair, foundation crack repair, basement crack repair, basement leak repair and many options for your basement repairing.

Toronto Looking for a reliable company to deal with your foundation crack? Dr Rooter is exactly what you need.Like many things in the world, buildings can't preserve their integrity forever. As a result, foundation tends to crack and needs repairing from time to time. Foundation cracks can be observed everywhere: from basements to garage floors, and the reasons of cracks may be quite different. Mostly, they occur as a result of drying shrinkage or thermal movement. If ignored, they can widen in some time and will require more costs and efforts to get rid of. 

How to recognize the Cracked Foundation:

If you notice lines on your walls or in exterior concrete, it means that your house needs foundation crack repair. Cracked foundation can be observed in several other ways, like water seepage or loss of structural integrity.

The best solution:

Remember, that concrete cracks have to be repaired as soon as possible. Dr Rooter is ready to meet your foundation crack face to face. We offer methods that will stabilize the structure of your house at a moderate cost.

Dr Rooter is a leading Toronto waterproofing company which strives to meet the requirements and budget of every client. We have been providing foundation crack repairs for over 7 years for both residential and commercial clients. Our company guarantees desirable results, because our experienced and knowledgeable experts use only state of the art equipment as well as high quality materials to carry out professional foundation crack repair services.

Do not delay, because a small foundation crack may result in serious problems. If you want to keep your house in a good shape, we are ready to give you a professional hand. To get detailed information about foundation crack repair services in Toronto and GTA, feel free to contact us by phone or email.


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